Government School Admission (GSA) 2021
Ministry Of Education
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Name Birth Reg No Class Shift Group Quota
JARIF BEEN ARIF REHAL 20102926004168023 Four Morning N/A GENERAL
TAWHID KHAN 20112926007179231 Four Day N/A GENERAL
MD. TARJU HOSEN ALIF 20112926005179296 Four Day N/A GENERAL
MASUM HASSAN 20112926008178463 Four Day N/A GENERAL
MD. SHAHRIA ALAM SIFAT 20131813171104844 Four Day N/A GENERAL
KAZI ARIAN RAHMAN SABIT 20112926007179892 Four Day N/A GENERAL
D. M. NAWAL FERDOUS 20112926003177517 Four Day N/A GENERAL
KAZI BAYZID AHMED 20112926009178827 Four Day N/A GENERAL
UZAER ABDULLAH KHAN 20122692501038579 Four Day N/A GENERAL
FERDAUS AHEMD 20128223304105083 Four Day N/A GENERAL
AYAN QURESHI 20112926008115557 Four Day N/A GENERAL
MD. TAZIM ISLAM 20112916283112403 Four Day N/A GENERAL
Prottoy Raha Ushno 20112914715103899 Four Day N/A GENERAL
MD ABU TALHA 20112914763100172 Four Day N/A GENERAL
Mrinmoy Das Mugdho 20122911031100044 Four Morning N/A GENERAL
ANIRUDDHO KUNDU 20115427501101459 Four Morning N/A GENERAL
RAIHAN MIA 20102914763105937 Four Morning N/A GENERAL
SRIJON KUMAR SAHA 20112914747101241 Four Morning N/A GENERAL
SHEIKH MD RAFIN 20112914713119294 Four Morning N/A GENERAL
JAWAD ALVIE 20108212976104122 Four Morning N/A GENERAL
MD. TUFIQ ISLAM 20112926004135555 Four Morning N/A GENERAL
MD. IBRAHIM MOLLA MAHADI 20112926006122768 Four Morning N/A GENERAL
MD. AL-AMIN 20112692526119317 Four Day N/A GENERAL
IBRAHIM HASAN ALVI 20102926008158377 Four Day N/A GENERAL
MD. SHAH AL NAHIAN 20145519542954255 Four Day N/A GENERAL
RAKAS ROY 20102926001153830 Four Day N/A GENERAL
SUPTO BIN KIBRIA (KABBO) 20102915663101501 Four Day N/A GENERAL
Akshay Paul 20112914779110654 Four Day N/A GENERAL
AN NAFI AHON 20112926006180242 Four Day N/A GENERAL
Md. Hasibul Alam 20112926005180498 Four Day N/A GENERAL
MD. SHIHAB ISLAM RAD 20102926007146324 Four Day N/A GENERAL
INSAN SHEIKH 20112926008140927 Four Day N/A GENERAL
MAIZUL HOSSAIN MAHI 20092914739109295 Four Day N/A GENERAL
Tasnimul Hasan Tawsif 20112926003122562 Four Day N/A GENERAL
SOWAD BIN SAIFUR 20112914747111047 Four Day N/A GENERAL
S. M. RIYAD HOSSEN 20122914723108075 Four Day N/A GENERAL
TAJUL ISLAM TAJ 20102926004177369 Four Day N/A GENERAL
WALIN NASHIB 20112926003131879 Four Day N/A GENERAL
Mahim 20102926007001118 Four Day N/A GENERAL
RAJDIP DAS 20112926004181171 Four Day N/A GENERAL
PARIN SARKER 20133513294015025 Four Day N/A GENERAL
MD. RASHED 20112926007180533 Four Day N/A GENERAL
SOUMYADIP SAHA 20112918466101636 Four Day N/A GENERAL
AL ARAFAT 20112911047100384 Four Day N/A GENERAL
SAFWAN BIN NIROB 20112926003131593 Four Day N/A GENERAL
RIFAT HOSEN 20112912176106690 Four Day N/A GENERAL
TALUKDER SHARUK HAMZA 20132926008176651 Four Day N/A GENERAL
ABU SAYIF 20102914787101281 Four Day N/A GENERAL
MD. TASINUR RASHID 20112926005179884 Four Day N/A GENERAL
SHARIAR SABIT 20112926009179851 Four Day N/A GENERAL
KABBO SAHA 20115415471111286 Four Day N/A GENERAL
RONGON BOSE 20112926002122715 Four Day N/A GENERAL
ROUDRO KHAN 20092926002107641 Four Day N/A GENERAL
Md. Hasanuzzaman 20102916294114829 Four Day N/A GENERAL
MD. MASHRAFI MOLLA 20112926004169985 Four Day N/A GENERAL
SUPTAM KARMOKAR 20112926004179876 Four Day N/A GENERAL
Dipro Dutta 20118217629035718 Four Day N/A GENERAL
MAHIDUL ISLAM 20112926009178794 Four Day N/A GENERAL
JOBAYER MOLLA 20102926007112983 Four Day N/A TS
NUR MUHAMMAD BADHON 20112926009180432 Four Morning N/A GENERAL
NABID BIN ISLAM NIROB 20112926003107956 Four Morning N/A GENERAL
SHAH AHNAF AHMED 20112914739109712 Four Morning N/A GENERAL
MD. RUMMAN MIAH 20112926007180123 Four Morning N/A GENERAL
Mahim Mondol 20102926005168778 Four Morning N/A GENERAL
ARNOB PAL (PRANTA) 20112926003180140 Four Day N/A GENERAL
HUZIFA IBNA EFAZ 20122919039107319 Four Day N/A GENERAL
AHANAFUL ISLAM TAJ 20102926002112800 Four Morning N/A GENERAL
M D WALID KHAN 20112926006179614 Four Morning N/A GENERAL
HOSSAIN MOHAMMAD HAMZA 20112926001003816 Four Morning N/A TS
MD. AL-SOYON 20112916227105430 Four Morning N/A GENERAL
SOURAV SUTRADHAR 20122914713104635 Four Morning N/A GENERAL
ABIR HASAN 20120422005017789 Four Morning N/A GENERAL
Ratul Khan 20112911015100852 Four Morning N/A GENERAL
SAMIR 20112918457105345 Four Morning N/A GENERAL
SHEIKH ABDUR RAHMAN NEROB 20112926004124976 Four Morning N/A GENERAL
TAWHID HASAN 20122922009111843 Four Morning N/A GENERAL
MD. RIFAT SHEIKH 20082926009117049 Four Morning N/A DIS
ARITRO SHIL 20112926006153349 Four Day N/A DIS
RATUL SAHA 20102926006156274 Four Morning N/A GENERAL
MD. ARHAM SAMIN 20112926005121463 Four Morning N/A GENERAL
TOAKI TAJWAR FAHIM. 20122911835026397 Four Morning N/A GENERAL
MAHIM 20115612894100088 Four Morning N/A GENERAL
FARHAN IFTI IFAD 20128223309103408 Four Morning N/A GENERAL
MD. MASHRAFI MOLLA 20112914779101204 Four Morning N/A GENERAL
SAAD NAZMUL ISLAM 20112926008141766 Four Morning N/A GENERAL
Abdul Mohit 20112914747111082 Four Morning N/A GENERAL
MD. ABID HOSSAIN MUNNA 20112914715101757 Four Morning N/A GENERAL
ARANNO SAHA DIP 20112926001179722 Four Day N/A GENERAL
MD RABIUL ISLAM KHAN 20102926006109414 Four Morning N/A GENERAL
MONISH KUMAR SAHA 20102926002108368 Four Morning N/A GENERAL
MD.FARHAN SIKDAR JUBIN 20112926007178961 Four Morning N/A GENERAL
SIAM HASAN 2918457108439 Four Day N/A FF
MD. TASIN WAJI 20112926004179654 Four Day N/A FF
Shahriyar Labib 20122918466107504 Four Morning N/A GENERAL
RAFIN AHMED 20112914713111838 Four Morning N/A GENERAL
SAIF AHMED SIFAT 20102932119115335 Four Morning N/A GENERAL
MD. MAFUZUR RAHMAN NAFIZ 20102926004000267 Four Morning N/A GENERAL
OM SAHA 20102926004106940 Four Morning N/A GENERAL
MD. HOSSAIN BISWAS 20112914731108369 Four Morning N/A GENERAL
ARKO DEY 20112926002121340 Four Morning N/A GENERAL
Kazi Rubaiyat Tousif 20112926005180359 Four Morning N/A GENERAL
MD. YEASIN KHAN 20102911071110896 Four Morning N/A GENERAL
TALHA SHIKDER RAJJO 20102926004170701 Four Morning N/A GENERAL
Dev Biswas 20118234785109882 Four Morning N/A GENERAL
THASIN AHAMED 20112926007178359 Four Morning N/A GENERAL
MD. ARFAN KHAN 20112926008126573 Four Morning N/A GENERAL
MD. ARAFAT KHAN 20122926008122857 Four Morning N/A GENERAL
MD. REDUAN AHAMED 20102926009168341 Four Morning N/A GENERAL
S.M. Ridwanullah Ruhama 20116914485108700 Four Morning N/A GENERAL
KAZI SABIT 20112914739109265 Four Morning N/A GENERAL
SRIJIT ANUBHAB PODDER 20112926004002927 Four Day N/A FF
RASHAD AHAMAD RAHI 20102926002151590 Four Morning N/A FF
NUSAIB AHMAD 20122926005179596 Four Morning N/A FF
MD. ARIAN HOSSAIN 20113515833101516 Four Morning N/A FF
FAHAD BIN ABDULLAH 20112926005179531 Four Morning N/A GENERAL
MD. RATUL BISWAS 20122914715103518 Four Morning N/A GENERAL
MD. TAJBID HAMIM 20102926008155932 Four Morning N/A GENERAL
MD. ALNAHIAN RATUL 20092692513073127 Six Morning N/A GENERAL
PROVAS SHARMA 20092926008177203 Six Morning N/A GENERAL
ALIF MONDOL 20092925012147995 Six Morning N/A GENERAL
Isfak Ahmmed Salehin 20082914731104184 Six Morning N/A GENERAL
Tanoy Sikder Tanu 20092926001150091 Six Morning N/A GENERAL
SADNAN KAUSAR NIBIR 20092926001152045 Six Morning N/A GENERAL
MARUF HASAN 20092926008151233 Six Morning N/A GENERAL
MAHMUDUL HASAN SHAZAN 20092926001000433 Six Morning N/A GENERAL
MD. SIFAT HOSSAIN 20092916294106603 Six Morning N/A GENERAL
SHEIKH KAMAL 20072926006125639 Six Day N/A DIS
MD. ADIB AFNAN 20092926003169486 Six Morning N/A GENERAL
ATIKUR RAHMAN LAM 20092926008175076 Six Morning N/A GENERAL
SHAFINE ISLAM JASHAN 20092926002115511 Six Morning N/A GENERAL
MD. GOLAM RABBI 20082926007138161 Six Morning N/A GENERAL
ABDUL MUHAIMIN 20092914713119332 Six Morning N/A GENERAL
Dipaon Saha 20092911063107057 Six Morning N/A GENERAL
MD. ZAIN ISLAM 20102926007167724 Six Morning N/A GENERAL
FAHAD HOSSAN 20085418085104621 Six Morning N/A GENERAL
SEJAN KUMAR SAHA 20112926001102185 Six Morning N/A GENERAL
TAHMID IBN SAYED 20082921009031200 Six Morning N/A GENERAL
MD. RAHAD MIAH 20092914739036189 Six Day N/A GENERAL
RAFI HOWLADAR 20092915652010613 Six Day N/A GENERAL
Shafayat Hossain Ayan 20092926009151889 Six Day N/A GENERAL
DEBNEEL DAS GUPTA 20092926005151217 Six Morning N/A FF
Tawhid Islam 20102922002103107 Six Morning N/A FF
SYED ASHRAFUJJAMAN SIZAN 20092914713115226 Six Day N/A FF
LIKHON KUMAR DAS 20092916211020572 Six Day N/A FF
MD ABDUR RAHMAN TAMIM 20092911039017652 Six Day N/A TS
LABIB MASHRAFE 20115426803112560 Six Morning N/A TS
MAHIM ISLAM SIAM 20092926006171709 Six Morning N/A GOV
MD. REDUYAN 20092926004108367 Six Day N/A GENERAL
DIN MOHAMMAD AZAN 20092914787104349 Six Day N/A GENERAL
ISRAFIL SHAK 20092914713119474 Six Day N/A GENERAL
SEYAM MUNSHI 20092926003108300 Six Day N/A GENERAL
MD. ANAF AR-RAFI 20094114789068316 Six Day N/A GENERAL
INJAMUL ABADIN SADIT 20093019466100096 Six Day N/A GENERAL
Md. Masud Rana 20082926006103702 Six Day N/A GENERAL
MD. ANMON 20098226601109589 Six Day N/A GENERAL
Abdullah Salman 20092926007132385 Six Day N/A GENERAL
MD. MUTTAKIN HOSSAIN 20092926006172675 Six Day N/A GENERAL
Debojit Saha 20082926001084260 Six Morning N/A GOV
Oushan Sheikh 20092914715105770 Six Morning N/A GOV
JORAYAR RAHAMAN ANANTO 20092926008150818 Six Morning N/A GOV
ABID MAHMUD 20094426606033145 Six Day N/A GOV
SIAM KHAN 20092926008095439 Six Day N/A GOV
ANIRBAN PAUL BRINTO 20094716450048614 Six Day N/A GOV
KHAN SAJIDUL ISLAM 20092926004180899 Six Day N/A GOV
BIJOY KUMAR ROY 20108222202102304 Six Day N/A GOV
Mohammad Ali 20102914715102529 Six Day N/A GOV
MD. GOLAM THASINUR KORNO 20092926001108327 Six Day N/A GOV
Md. Ruhul Fakir 20092914715100686 Six Day N/A GOV
ARABE 20092932119109950 Six Day N/A GOV
TAHARIAN SULTANA 20082926003116157 Six Day N/A GOV
ABIR MAHMUD 20082926007137221 Six Day N/A GOV
Mohammed Ahnaf Shahriar 20092926005180868 Six Morning N/A GOV
Md. Labib Hossain 20105418038102955 Six Morning N/A GOV
MD. TAMIM IQBAL 20096125207150458 Six Morning N/A GOV
MD. ARIK KHAN 20092926008108338 Six Morning N/A GOV
MD. ATIK SHAHARIA 20108226605113749 Six Morning N/A GOV
TOMAL GHOSH 20082926002137668 Six Morning N/A GOV
SURJOY ROY SUPTO 20092926002100160 Six Morning N/A GOV
TANJIL ISLAM ASAD 20092914723109580 Six Morning N/A GOV
JABIR IBNA AMIR 20082926009138242 Six Day N/A GOV
Md Maruf Sheik 20092914723103587 Six Morning N/A DIS
Mahedi Hasan 20092926001180372 Six Morning N/A GENERAL
AVROJIT GHOSH 20092926002150535 Six Day N/A GENERAL
AJWAD AHBAB 20092926005097719 Six Day N/A GENERAL
M.M. Najmul Islam Nice 20092911039103815 Six Day N/A GENERAL
Manayam islam Adit 20092926009179610 Six Day N/A GENERAL
AUNGON ROY 20102918415104218 Six Day N/A GENERAL
TASNIM FIDDAUS 20102914755111124 Six Day N/A GENERAL
Sabbir Ahmed 20093586506111323 Six Day N/A GENERAL
MD. MUSHFIQUR RAHMAN 20092926005108535 Six Day N/A GENERAL
TAMZID ISLAM 20092918466109174 Six Day N/A GENERAL
RIDIN MOLLA 20112918419101078 Six Day N/A GENERAL
MD. SAMIR AHMED 20092926004151766 Six Morning N/A GENERAL
Md. Abid Sheikh 20092926003117095 Six Morning N/A GENERAL
Md.Tain 20102914723113609 Six Morning N/A GENERAL
Nur Mohammad 20093515878015015 Six Morning N/A GENERAL
KAZI ARIFUL ISLAM 20092926005173578 Six Morning N/A GENERAL
TALHA ISLMA 20095418085105941 Six Day N/A GENERAL
Radowan Islam Rifat 20092918466103500 Six Morning N/A GENERAL
Rudra Datta 20092926002170284 Six Morning N/A GENERAL
MD. NADIM SIKDAR 20092926008141747 Six Morning N/A GENERAL
TASHIN SAIHAN 20085714769101864 Six Day N/A GENERAL
MAHMUD SHAREF 20103514311018524 Six Day N/A GENERAL
AB. MAJIDUR ISLAM FURKAN 20112926005170558 Six Day N/A GENERAL
MD. FAHIMUR RAHMAN (FAHIM) 20092914723114455 Six Morning N/A GENERAL
MD. ARAFAT KARIM 20092914713118584 Six Morning N/A GENERAL
MD. TANJIR ISLAM 20102914771102589 Six Morning N/A GENERAL
DAYAN CHOKDER 20092926001094899 Six Morning N/A GENERAL
SADMAN BIN ALI SHEIKH 20112692508202479 Six Morning N/A GENERAL
MD. Raofun Hasan 20092926204108064 Six Day N/A GENERAL
SADAT HOSSAIN 20092926006151466 Six Day N/A GENERAL
MD. NAHID HASAN 20092916250101664 Six Day N/A GENERAL
Mahir Asef Azan 20092926002143608 Six Morning N/A GENERAL
MD. RIDONE MOLLA 20092926008174930 Six Morning N/A GENERAL
MD. NUR ALAM 20092914771109279 Six Day N/A GENERAL
Chaim Sikder 20093515810101956 Six Day N/A GENERAL
NAHIDUL ISLAM NILOY 20082926004137620 Six Day N/A GENERAL
MAHIM SHEIK 20092926005179503 Six Day N/A GENERAL
Md. Oliullah Khan 20102926002180194 Six Day N/A GENERAL
SIYAM ISLAM 20085418085105896 Six Morning N/A GENERAL
Md. Mahim Hossain 20092926005149649 Six Morning N/A GENERAL
MD. AZMIR MUNSHI 20092922002114505 Six Morning N/A GENERAL
NAZMUL HASAN 20092926008148368 Six Morning N/A GENERAL
MD. ABDULLAH SHEKH 20092926003119814 Six Day N/A GENERAL
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